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Welcome to Our Dating site Lonely Russian Women

We are glad to welcome you on www.R-Women.ru. On our site there are thousands of lonely Russian women, who want to meet the European or American men to marry, have children and become happy in their lives. All these lonely Russian girls exist really. During procedure of joining we verify their contact information, passport. Our psychologists talk to them to clear their true motives of joining to our site. In contrast to other dating sites, most our services are free and you can use them unreservedly. You can be calm about your safety and privacy. If you don’t want to disclose your real data – nobody knows them. And by our side, we can assure you we do all possible to defend you from scammers on our site.

Welcome to www.R-Women.ru to meet our lonely Russian ladies!

1. Communicate to our girls without any limits

Our site is very comfortable and economic for usage: you can see girls’ galleries, profiles, use our search, create your profile, add your photos, write letters to Russian women and receive (read) their answers, exploit our online translator and templates of letters – all these actions you can do for free!

2. You can exchange contact information (e-mail, telephone number, address) with girl you like

Many dating sites sell girls’ contact information and forbid exchange mails, phone numbers, etc. during correspondence. On www.R-Women.ru we permit you communicate your contact information to girl and know girl’s phone number, mail, etc. without limits.

3. You can use our online translator for free

The specificity of International dating is to unite people from different countries. And it may happen you don’t know a girl’s language and Russian girl may don’t speak your language. In that case you can use our online translator. It’s free!

4. Your photos can participate in our photo rating - place your pictures here!

Increase your chances to be noticed and chosen by the most attractive and active girls from our site! Place your photos on our photo rating. Your photos will be shown to our women many times in day. And many Russian women will know about you.

5.You will receive our notification, when a woman rates your photo

On our site you have a mailbox for your correspondence. And if a girl rates your photo, we will send notifications about it to you. Check a girl’s profile – maybe she is your fortune.

6.You can have different modes to contact with Russian women on our site

You saw an attractive girl on our site and you want to contact her. How can you do it? You can send her postcards, letters, winks, interactive postcard, ice-break, gift, audio/video message. We elaborated very comfortable design of girls’ profiles. All these symbols of your attention to her you can send directly from her profile. Information on girl’s profile consists of 7 parts:

- Main info: her name, age, location, marital status, etc.

- Photos: girl’s photos

- Wants: what qualities must possess her future boyfriend?

- Hobbies: what does she like to do?

- Life style: what life style does she deal?

- Responses to some questions: her responses to some curious questions

- Psychological compatibility: if you want to know a level of psychological compatibility with this girl, you can do it here.

7. If you have some doubts, you can consult with our psychologists

You have romantic relations with a girl from our site, but some psychological nuances are incomprehensible to you: how to build your relations, how to know some details from your girl’s life, how to fascinate her, etc. If you have some issues – you can consult to our psychologist. He will resolve your problems, answer your questions, will help you to build solid, true relations with your girl.

8. To defend you from fraud, we do a meticulous antiscam work

Maybe you heard many stories about fraud in Russian dating. But we can assure you – not all Russian women are scammers. Most girls from CIS are honest and really want to meet the European or American man, have long-time, serious relations with him and marry him. But by another side in CIS there are some criminal groups, which earn money by creation fiction profiles of sham women. And they use all ways to swindle out foreign grooms’ money. How to avoid fraud? Each dating site uses its own way to defend clients from scammers. We realize our special antiscam program. And we made Scammers list and Antiscam blog. If you suspect a certain girl is a scammer – inform us! We will do everything possible to defend you.

9. Do you have any problem? Our online support chat is available 24 hours

You don’t know how to send a message (winks, postcard, etc.), you have some doubts about a behavior of certain girl… Do you have some questions? If your answer YES – you can call to our support chat, which is available 24 hours. Our specialists are very friendly and they’ll try to resolve every your problem.

10. Lonely Girls online now.

Many dating sites put on their home page photos of girls, who had ever registered on the site. These women can register at once and turn to a dating site after months and they would never come. Imagine, you saw a girl’s photo, you liked her, wrote a letter to her, but you don’t receive an answer for ages. To avoid this sad experience, we put on the home page of our site girls’ photos, which are online and frequent regularly our site. Therefore you will meet and write only to girls, who intend seriously to meet a Western man and marry him.

11. To be closer to Lonely Russian women, use our online chat.

Most lonely women, who speak English fluently, adore using online chat in their relations with Western men. If you want to make your romantic relations more effective, use our online chat. It’s very comfortable. When you write letters, you can know only a small part of information about your loved woman. If you call to her, you communicate each other only limited time – some minutes. But when you speak to your Russian bride in chat, you can communicate online some hours in real time. Only using chat you can better understand your girlfriend, feel her emotions, clear details, find out if she speaks English or not. If you have serious intentions, all these details are very important. If you saw beautiful Russian women on our site and want to meet them – invite them to speak in chat. In that way your relations will develop more intensively.